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Interesting Criminal Law cases – Ted Bundy

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Theodore-“Ted”-BundyTrial to Ted Bundy was one of the most interesting trials for American public, it was the first and one of the most watched television trials. Ted Bundy was an American serial killer, kidnapper, and rapist who murdered several women and girls during  the 1970’s and earlier. As it turned out, number of murdered girls was probably even higher than thirty, which murders after ten years of denying Ted finally confessed.

Ted was described as handsome and attractive man, that helped him to earn trust with his victims, he approached them in public faking an injury or acting as an authority figure, after that he would bring them to more private place and attack them.  He was often returning to the places  where he had previously murdered these women and performed sexual acts with their decomposing bodies. He did things like that multiple times, until their corpses fully decomposed. One more cruel and you could say sick thing he had done with his victims is that he had decapitated more than 12 of them.

First time he was arrested it was for kidnapping  and attempted criminal assault, he was captured in Utah and after that he became suspect for numerous unsolved murders in more than seven USA states.

product_thumbnailSecond time he was charged with murder and succeeded in escaping twice after which he committed another three murders and multiple other assaults.

Third time he was arrested it was also the last time. For murders he committed and other assaults court led two separate trials. He was convicted with three death sentences. His life ended on an electric chair in Raiford Prison in Florida. Shortly before he was executed he confessed killing thirty women in more than 7 states.

He once said for himself that he was “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you will ever meet”. Attorney Polly Nelson was one of his defense team of lawyers. She said that he was very definition of a heartless devil.


Ted Bundy’s case is unforgettable and monstrous and there is no man that hasn’t heard of him. His case was widespread by media and that is the reason he is now an example in every law textbook.

Interesting Criminal Law cases: The Menendez Brothers

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Lyle and Erik Menendez also known as The Menendez brothers on the March the 11th, 1990 murdered their parents Jose and Mary “Kitty” Menendez with a shotgun. The same night around 12pm Lyle called 911 and said that somebody had killed his parents.


After their parent deaths, orphans started to spend more and more money, they bought new expensive automobiles and watches, every night they diner in the most expensive restaurants and that was suspicious to police. Erik told his psychiatrist and his girlfriend about the murders, after they broke up, girlfriend went to police and told them everything. Lyle and Erik were arrested soon after that, they were held separately and there was no bail.

Trial to Menendez brother was broadcasted by Court TV, public was very interested in the outcome of this trial and it became national sensation in America. They were tried during 1993, Erik’s defense lawyer Leslie Abramson alleged that thing that motivated brothers to murdering their parents was lifetime of abusing they caused them.


Leslie claimed that Jose was cruel perfectionist and pedophile who physically and sexually abused them, Kitty was allowing that kind of abuse and sometimes also abused them herself and therefore she was selfish, Leslie also said that she was an alcoholic and drug addict and mentally unstable woman. Her defense strategy was great besides one little thing, Lyle and Erik had previous criminal records that confirmed that abuse wasn’t the motive.

Both brothers were tried together but had different juries. First trial ended with both juries deadlocked. First trial was broadcasted and everybody knew what was going on unlike the second one where judge didn’t allow cameras in his courtroom.


In the second trial, defense argument that brothers were motivated by abuse of their parents was completely rejected by jury, prosecution and jurors were of the same opinion that brothers killed their parents so they could obtain their wealth. Both brothers were convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. They were sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. For more defense strategies feel free to visit DUI lawyer denver.

Ridiculous crimes and misdemeanors in USA

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United States of America as one of the most powerful and developed countries has its laws that govern people’s behavior. For more about that please visit Criminal defense lawyer Los Angeles. Every state has laws that make their residents obligatory of behaving the proper way. Some situations are regulated and some aren’t because they are numerous and law cannot cover all of them, however there are a few unique and awkward laws that prohibit different kinds of behavior and if you don’t obey their rules you can get arrested.


Promising a woman that you would marry her, isn’t the thing you want to do if you are in South Carolina, and you are have more than 16 years. If you change your mind you can spend up to 1 year in prison. Seducing a woman with false proposal is a misdemeanor that any male can be charged for if he is older than sixteen and if there is a witness that can corroborate a woman’s testimony.

Law that says that woman can’t falsely propose a man doesn’t exist, and even if this doesn’t sound fair, this law is created probably because this situation often happened. However if the woman you promised to marry was already married or as the law says was “unchaste” you have legitimate cause for defense and you don’t have to worry.


Tennessee is overly protective of white or albino deer, they believe that this animal is a modern unicorn and that it has some sort of magical powers, when you say it like this you might think that Tennessee residents are crazy or even drugged, but they just really think about this rare animal, only one in thirty thousand deer is born albino. Hunting, harming in any way and trapping albino dear is a class C misdemeanor and as such is punishable by fine only.

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