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United States of America as one of the most powerful and developed countries has its laws that govern people’s behavior. For more about that please visit Criminal defense lawyer Los Angeles. Every state has laws that make their residents obligatory of behaving the proper way. Some situations are regulated and some aren’t because they are numerous and law cannot cover all of them, however there are a few unique and awkward laws that prohibit different kinds of behavior and if you don’t obey their rules you can get arrested.


Promising a woman that you would marry her, isn’t the thing you want to do if you are in South Carolina, and you are have more than 16 years. If you change your mind you can spend up to 1 year in prison. Seducing a woman with false proposal is a misdemeanor that any male can be charged for if he is older than sixteen and if there is a witness that can corroborate a woman’s testimony.

Law that says that woman can’t falsely propose a man doesn’t exist, and even if this doesn’t sound fair, this law is created probably because this situation often happened. However if the woman you promised to marry was already married or as the law says was “unchaste” you have legitimate cause for defense and you don’t have to worry.


Tennessee is overly protective of white or albino deer, they believe that this animal is a modern unicorn and that it has some sort of magical powers, when you say it like this you might think that Tennessee residents are crazy or even drugged, but they just really think about this rare animal, only one in thirty thousand deer is born albino. Hunting, harming in any way and trapping albino dear is a class C misdemeanor and as such is punishable by fine only.

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